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One component that may be missed by motorcycle owners is gear and chain. Gears and chains are a component that may be small, and also not very expensive, but has a very important function. Very importantly, even when the gear and the chains are slack, it will affect your motor performance. What are the actual functions of gear on a motorcycle? The following are some of the functions of gear on a motorcycle; As a wheel drive. The first gear function on a motorcycle is as a driver of the wheel. Currently, many motors use the rear-wheel drive system because it is considered most efficient to run a machine that uses two wheels just like a motorcycle. This function is the same as a gear function on a bicycle, which is useful and also serves to drive the rear wheels on a motorcycle. So, in the absence of a gear, do not expect your motorcycle to run. Want to get a quality gear, you can get it in the motorbike gear auckland. In general, the gear does serve as a rear-wheel drive, on a motorcycle or on an ordinary bicycle. But technically, on the motorcycle itself, the gear has a function that is defined as transferring the engine to the wheel, so that the motorcycle can run. This transfer uses the principle of engine rotation, which is adjusted by the position of the transmission gear, which then, the engine rotates to rotate the engine sprocket, which is then transferred into a power that can rotate the wheel, using a chain connected to the rear gear of the motorcycle.

Both functions above are two common functions of a gear on a motorcycle. When you want to change and tweak the performance of your vehicle, especially your motorcycle, then the gear is also one of the things you can change to get the difference driving. One of its functions is to help regulate the breath on a motor vehicle, especially your motorcycle. Yes, gear sets on a motorcycle using different gear eye sizes. The combination of the size of the eye gear, the front gear tub (engine sprocket) and also the rear sprocket (rear sprocket) will produce a power, and also the breath of a motorcycle. The main benchmark is the ratio of the two standard manufactured gears. How to calculate is the number of rear gear eyes divided by the number of front gear eyes. The result of the division, for example, 2987 is the number of final gear ratios on your motorcycle. To obtain a smaller ratio, then you can replace the rear gear with a smaller eye size, or brighten the front gear with a larger eye, so later when calculated, the ratio will be smaller than the standard final gear ratio.