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How to get the baby to sleep soundly is the desire of every parent. Babies learn from their environment. Therefore, parents need to form patterns of sleep your child, so baby slept soundly in stages, so that when the age of 2 months or more, he already has a more regular sleep pattern. Why is it important? If the baby has a regular sleep pattern, he will not be easily awakened and can sleep longer and more soundly. In other words, better quality sleep. Here is some baby sleep guide:

1. Recognize Signs Drowsiness
Sleepiness is a sign of the baby’s body is getting tired. Usually characterized by rubbing the eyes, sucking fingers, yawning or even cry (fussy). When these signs appear, immediately sleep your baby. These favorable conditions for the baby to early sleep and no fuss. Recognize a sign that the baby sleep soundly

2. Adjust the lighting so that the baby sleep soundly
At night, dim the room lights that infants learn to distinguish between day and night time. That conditions will help the baby to establish sleep patterns. With dim lighting, the baby will easily fall asleep. Also, production of the hormone melatonin will also increase. Besides beneficial for immunity, this hormone also helps the baby to sleep.

3. Create a sleep ritual
Create a bedtime ritual that is fun for the baby, such as read a story book or rubbing his head. Massage gently on the baby’s body is done before bed, able to make the baby feel comfortable and help her sleep more soundly. To accelerate the movement of the hand while massaging the baby’s body, use a special oil massage babies who function as well as heating. Rub gently head to the neck region.

4. Wear comfortable clothes for the baby to sleep
Wear comfortable clothing, such as T-shirts that are made from cotton or easy to absorb sweat. Make sure the right size, not too big or small. Avoid clothing made from synthetic materials because they do not absorb sweat.

5. Play music
Play a soft lullaby music like a lullaby or classical music. If you do not want to bother, parents can hum like sing Lullabies while being carried. When the baby was almost asleep, put on the bed. If they cry, lift again. Then put back to sleep. Parent patience is needed here.