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As the name implies, Linear Actuator is a kind of linear DC motor that moves forward or backward. The back and forth motion can result in the displacement of the gear with DC motor rotary. Feedback Linear Actuators will be sent to the controller, helps simplify control.

In addition to the linear actuator, the following is based on a linear actuator that moves:
Solenoid The coil is wound elongated, and its length is much larger than the wire diameter. Different with Linear Actuator, Solenoid does not use a DC Motor or Gear to produce linear motion, but it is already a different shape, the shape can be made to move linearly. Solenoid in the daily application is usually used to lock the door automatically.

Muscle Wire

Muscle wire commonly used in robotic hand. Its function is to move the fingers of the robot.

Type actuator that utilizes air pressure to produce a linear mechanical motion. For pneumatic applications used for light work, such as on the bus door.

This type is similar to Pneumatic actuators. It’s just using the hydraulic fluid or oil that is used to generate the mechanical movement. And for Pneumatic application is also commonly used for heavy work in the industry.